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With years of electrical and mechanical experience in the elevator industry, our team at Uplifting Elevators, understands the value for updating, maintaining and installing new elevators.

Let us do the hard work for you and find the best price on the following services;

Maintenance / Servicing

Elevator maintenance is the major contributing factor in the long term reliability of your lift equipment.

UpLifting Elevators understands the importance of regular and quality servicing to maintain reliability, safety, presentation and performance. With a wealth of experience in the lift industry, our team is well suited to understand what is involved to carry out maintenance and repairs on any lifts, escalators, inclinators,  moving walks, dumb waiters, hoists and platform lifts from a broad range of manufacturers.

Stop paying too much for maintenance! Get in contact with us today to discuss a better deal.

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Upgrades / Modernisation

Lifts, like all mechanical machinery, will suffer from wear and tear as they age, with parts eventually failing to operate as they once did. There will be a point where equipment will need to be upgraded in order to improve efficiency and performance. Whether your lift needs a cosmetic upgrade, compliance upgrade, minor or major mechanical upgrade or overhaul, we are here to help you get the most appropriate and value for money quote, by comparing the lift market for you.

At UpLifting Elevators, we draw upon our many years of modernisation experience to put forward recommendations and customised upgrade options, so that we can work together to find the best long term solution for your lift equipment.


We understand the importance of a properly functioning elevator system and it is crucial to a well-managed building and is expected by tenants, visitors and employees.

We are able to help with all aspects of repair efficiently, including (but not limited to):

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Travelling cables/ flexes
  • Door operators and beams/ light ray/ electronic door scan
  • Controllers/ speed drives/ processors
  • Machines / gear boxes
  • Re-roping
  • Door Locks / Safety switches
  • Water-damage

When elevators stop working properly and require repairs, contact us and we can help organise a suitable lift company to assist with repairs.

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New Installations

We can provide quotes for new lifts, escalators, inclinators,  moving walks, dumb waiters, hoists, platform lifts and more.

The lift companies that we work with are fully compliant to Australian Standards and meet all the required regulations for full disability compliance where required.

Contact us today to get a FREE quote for your new installation.

Car Interior Design & Installation Services

Remodelling your existing lift car interior can make all the difference to the confidence of passengers and the image of the property.

  • Lift car interiors (ceilings, lighting, wall panels, stainless steel polishing or re-sheeting, flooring, stretcher boot installation and modification, disable compliant handrails and bump rails)
  • Lift entrance architraves
  • Lift doors
  • Lift builders protection
  • Lift protective blankets
  • General sheet metal

If you are looking to get your Lift car interior remodelled – Let Uplifting Elevators find you the best price.